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About Us

Thousands of images and centuries of medicine, science, society and culture

Wellcome Images is one of the world's richest and most unique collections, with themes ranging from medical and social history to contemporary healthcare and biomedical science.

If you want information about using our images, you can find it under Services.

All our images are available digitally. Search online or get in touch with our picture research team.

Historical Collections

The historical collections contain photographs of Wellcome-owned material either from the Library, or of objects that have been passed to other organisations. It also includes images of material from other collections for which Wellcome has funded digitisation projects.

Contemporary Collections

Our contemporary collections contain images of biomedical science and clinical medicine. Here you will find images of clinical conditions, disease cells, medical equipment and healthcare environments, as well as illustrations and more conceptual artworks which explore health and disease.

The biomedical collection contains images relating to human and animal health, contributed by scientists, illustrators, photographers and artists around the world. All artistic media and imaging techniques can be found here, from light microscopy, electron microscopy and functional MRI to hand-drawn illustration, 3D-printing and sculpture.

The clinical collection is considered to be the most comprehensive of its kind in the UK. It consists of photographs, X-rays, MRI and other medical imaging techniques. It covers the categories of disease in the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases directory. The images come mainly from UK teaching hospitals and independent clinical photographers and illustrators.

Because of the sensitivity of some of the clinical photographs, online access to a part of the collection is restricted to healthcare professionals, medical educators and students and clinical researchers.

For more information on how the Library assesses the sensitivity of personal information in the Clinical Images collection, download the policy on Access to personal data within our research collections [PDF 1.85MB].

Wellcome Images Awards

All new images acquired into our contemporary collections are eligible for the annual Wellcome Image Awards. The winning images are chosen by a panel of experts and go on display at leading science centres and public galleries around the world. Find out more on the Wellcome Image Awards website.

Contributing Images

Placing images with us is an excellent way to engage with the public and to increase their understanding of your work. We are looking to acquire high quality imagery that relates to biomedical science and contemporary healthcare, and are interested in all artistic media and imaging techniques, from hand-drawn illustrations to super-resolution microscopy and functional MRI scans. As a contributor you retain your original material and copyright, and receive commission and full credit each time your images are used. Contact us for more information.

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